Business Management
This area encompasses the complete company process. Planning is vital, but the plan must be implemented well. The company will be successful, if it constantly evaluates its performance.

Good business management has three key areas:
Measuring results

Planning sets the goals that have to be reached for, but are achievable with hard work. If it is not on the plan, do not do it. If it needs to be done, change the plan. The plan changes as needed.

Implementation is as good as your people. Finding, hiring, and rewarding great people is the key job of the President. Good leadership utilizes team building and motivation. This is achieved by a good communication system.

Measuring results allows management to see how they are doing, while getting the tasks done. Are we on time, on budget, and following the plan we have set for ourselves? The result of using these tools is a good company, respected by all, because very simply, it performs. Everybody wins!

Interim Management:
From time to time, projects come along that are interesting and challenging. For a defined period of time and set goals, Ed Alfke or one of his associates, will provide leadership to a company that meets the criteria. The key areas of focus will be:
1. A well thought out, researched business plan.
2. Finding and attracting the best people available.
3. Implementation of the plan.
4. Leadership development and team building.
5. Problem solving.
6. Building on strengths, offsetting weakness.
7. Priorities guidance.